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The Country Register of Michigan is published every two months. Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June, July/Aug, Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec. Each issue contains feature stories on regular advertisers and a large variety of stories, jokes and items of interest, with an emphasis of giving glory to God. 
As the first off-shoot from the original Arizona Country Register, we have seen many changes throughout the years. Our first publication was Dec/Jan 1989/1990, and along the way we have met many fantastic shop owners and readers.
The Country Register of Michigan promotes the best local businesses, shops and events, throughout the entire Great Lakes State. 
From the beginning, after seeing how my Mom and Aunt used the paper, we've felt the paper works best because it gets readers into the stores, giving the store an opportunity for a sale.
Advertisers make it available and our readers, their potential customers, go to the store every two months to pick up their copy or two. So we hope you enjoy each issue and pick up an extra to share with a friend, a neighbor, or relative.
And please remember to support your local stores by shopping in their stores and at events!

Subscriptions are available to Out Of State addresses ONLY. 
We are a FREE paper, available at businesses and events that advertise with us.
By supporting our advertiser's, you are allowing us to continue to bring you this paper. So, if you enjoy reading our paper, please thank the advertiser's by supporting them!

Thanks, The Country Register of Michigan, Inc.


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The Country Register of Michigan, Inc.