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March/April 2018 Issue

The Country Register of Texas and Oklahoma is published every two months. The time seems to fly by between issues.

For those who prefer to read on-line we are now publishing the complete paper here for you on our web site and will leave back issues on as well. How often we have been called and someone has given their paper away or misplaced it and needed the name or location of a shop, a tea room or wanted to know where there was a paper close to them.

The print edition will still be available as usual in each advertising shop and other select rack locations. Some people will always and forever prefer to sit down in a cozy chair with a cup of coffee or tea and read through the paper edition page by page. The younger generations are more apt to go on-line and so we hope to just broaden our readership and bring more customers to the shops because of this extra exposure.


 Cover Artist featured in this issue:

Kendra Runnels

 “Growing up in rural Ohio, I never dreamed that one day I'd be a working artist," says Kendra, "and certainly never expected to be working or living in the NoDa community of Charlotte, NC!"

 After high school, despite the urgings of her high school art teacher, Kendra entered a state university. Although for Kendra Baird, it was comfortable, but boring.

 She finally made the break and began studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in graphic design with a minor in drawing, which opened up a whole new world of design and creativity that now shines through in her work. After graduating in 2004, Kendra moved to Charlotte where she supported herself as a career freelance graphic designer while she worked toward her goal of becoming a full-time artist. She has since realized that dream, solely making her money as an artist since August of 2010.

 From August 2009 through June of 2010, Kendra served as a missionary on The World Race (kendrabaird.theworldrace.org). This trip has catapulted Kendra into being the full-time artist she always dreamed she would be. Now equipped with a world of experience and inspiration, she’s creating a range of work that incorporates her old style of painting with new meanings and themes she draws from her faith.

 Kendra's artwork is based on a solid foundation in drawing and design incorporated with her own experimentation. The only painting classes she has ever taken were in High School, so her style and technique are based on the skills her high school art teacher, Debbie Kelly, gave her.

 Acrylics serve as the material Kendra chooses for her inspired work with subjects in nature, trees and birds, architectural/locational work and scenes of people walking in the rain. "Each painting has a personal meaning to me. Sometimes it's obvious; sometimes it's buried within what simple elements represent to me," Kendra says, "My subjects can be as simple as a few birds perched on a tree branch, or as complex as a woman losing her identity in the struggles of life.

To view Kendra’s art prints, go to www.PennyLanePublishing.com or call Penny Lane Publishing at 800-273-5263 for more information.