Costco Features The Country Register Newspaper

by Barbara Floyd

Personally, I have always been a big fan of Costco, their whole concept and how they do business. We, here in the home office of The Country Register in Phoenix, use a lot of products and services of Costco and are thrilled that they saw something in our business worthy to be a feature story in the May 2008 issue of Costco Connection Magazine. (Read it online here and go to page 19.)

Now I know what they mean when they use that word "Connection." In the first week of the article appearing, I got numerous emails, calls and written notes from advertisers, front cover artists, friends, relatives, potential advertisers and publishers. Our visitor count to this web site went up a grand solid 50% with just a week's exposure of that article in circulation. We will be watching that count closely. Our web "hits" more than doubled bringing us to 10,000 a day. Thank you, Costco!

At the end of my interview with Costco's writer, Alan Petrillo from Tucson, I told him that someday I want to hand out food samples at Costco! We both laughed over that, but I was partly serious. I never want to be bored and I love Costco samples plus I enjoy networking with people and I love the food industry! Costco provided many products used in the tea rooms I have been a part of in Arizona and E. Washington.

Today, in our newspaper office, we get some of our business supplies and paper products from them and we use their Merchant Services for processing our credit card payments. I personally always try and head for a Costco to fill up my cars with gas, and use their photo and pharmacy services. Even as a one-person household, I buy a lot of food at Costco. It helps keep me on a healthy diet when I buy their big box of mixed salad greens. Not wanting to throw them out, I just incorporate more of them into my healthy food choices everyday. As soon as one box is gone I get another or sometimes make a switch to baby spinach. Add some of their fresh blueberries or blackberries, some Gouda cheese, red onion and Costco pecans tossed in a little olive oil and a flavored vinegar, and you will see why I go back for more of their fresh produce.

Every once in awhile I treat myself to their fresh flowers. I can do that because I save lots of money by shopping Costco. It does not replace my many trips to my local market or to other specialty shopping stores, but I sure could go for one of their chocolate dipped, rolled in pecans, ice cream bars right now! They're the best treat in town for just $1.50! Every once in a blue moon, I indulge to balance out all those salad greens!

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